What we can learn from Celebrity Prenups!

April 12, 2019
celebrity prenups

When you think about prenuptial agreements, you probably think about celebrity marriages where the spouses have significant wealth and notoriety. Many people do not realize that prenuptial agreements can benefit anyone, regardless of your wealth or social status. If you are planning to get married, then contact a White Plains NY family law attorney to learn how a prenuptial agreement may benefit you. 

What is a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is entered into by persons who are about to be married. The agreement can address many different issues. In general, a prenuptial agreement can address:

  • Property and debt issues
  • Support issues
  • Disclosures
  • How issues are to be handled if the marriage results in divorce

In a prenuptial agreement, you can protect the assets you have when you enter into the divorce and ensure that your future spouse does not have a claim to those assets or any increase (e.g., interest, rents, profits, etc) derived from that property. This can be important to ensure that you keep what is yours if the marriage fails.

A prenuptial agreement can be binding on both parties and reduce the chance of an expensive and dramatic divorce in the future. When there is a prenuptial agreement, many of the issues that come up in a divorce are already addressed and binding on the parties. This can help simplify the divorce process if it occurs. 

A prenuptial agreement can also require the parties to disclose their financial affairs, so there are no surprises that come up during the marriage. By having a prenuptial agreement, you will have a greater peace of mind knowing that you are protected financially if issues arise later on. 

How can a White Plains NY divorce attorney help?

A White Plains NY divorce lawyer can help you prepare a prenuptial agreement that is specific to your situation and will be legally binding. If you are about to get married, contact Muscente Law for assistance with a prenuptial agreement.