Custody and Visitation

Custody and Visitation in White Plains NY


In a divorce that involves minor children, a court may order parents to share custody or that one parent should have primary custody and the other should be awarded visitation, usually according to the court’s standard order. A divorce attorney in White Plains NY can assist clients who have questions about custody and visitation and any other issue in a divorce.

Child custody may be awarded on either a temporary or permanent basis. A temporary hearing is often held at the beginning of a divorce case so that there is a visitation schedule in place while the divorce is pending. Many White Plains NY attorneys request a temporary hearing for the protection of their client. A temporary order prevents either side from with holding the child from the other parent and may contain other provisions related to the minor children such as an order that neither parent should say bad things about the other in front of the children.

Contact an Attorney

It is always a good idea to contact an attorney beforehand and not try to handle your divorce case yourself. An attorney can help in a divorce case by explaining your options and what you should expect. They will also defend you and present your case in court. In some cases, an attorney may be able to workout an agreement with the other side, which can sometimes save time, stress and court costs. An attorney can help with property settlement negotiations by asking the other side to allow you to keep the property that is most important to you.

White Plains NY divorce lawyers are able to help clients who want to fight for custody of their child and present their case favorably to a judge. In a custody case, a judge will consider many facts related to each parent’s relationship with the minor children as well as their future plans for raising the children. In cases where it is not possible to get full or joint custody,an attorney may be able to help clients get as much visitation time with their children as possible.

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