Visitation Right Agreements: How an Attorney Can Help

October 11, 2019
visitation rights

After a separation, the parents of a child must determine how they will spend time with them. In some instances, the parents are able to decide on what the schedule will look like so that they can both have quality time with their child. However, in many cases, the family court has to get involved to enforce an order of visitation. If your case requires the enforcement of a visitation agreement, you need White Plains divorce attorneys on your side. Attorney Nicole Muscente at Muscente Law has helped families create visitation agreements to schedule time for both parents to have with the child.

How Are Visitation Agreements Created?
A visitation agreement is arranged based on the lives of the parents, specifically how their lives impact how much time they have to care for a child. If both parents can agree without court involvement, this makes the process smoother and the agreement is easier to put in place. However, in many cases, a family court has to be requested to enforce visitation. This is usually due to disagreements about where the child should spend most of their time for a routine schedule, the parent with physical custody not allowing time for the other parent, or neither parent being willing to cooperate to create a plan.

Once White Plains divorce attorneys work with parents to create a plan to submit to the family court they consider the following factors:

•Age of the child
•Location of each parent
•Each parent’s ability to financially support the child
•The child’s preference, if of a certain age

The court will also take into consideration the need for supervised or unsupervised visitation for either parent.

At Muscente Law, we work to create plans by prioritizing the child’s best interest. Let Attorney Nicole Muscente help you as you prepare to ask the court for help with your visitation agreement.