How To Plan For Divorce

February 22, 2019

As you head towards divorce, there are a few things that you can do in order to make the process easier. Getting divorced involves a lot of paperwork and a lot of number crunching. Beginning this process as soon as possible can give you more time and make it less stressful.

When you get divorced, you need a complete picture of your finances. This means detailing and documenting your assets and debts. You’ll likely need a copy of the deed to any property that you own along with mortgage statements. You’ll need copies of statements for financial accounts. Gathering credit card statements, 401K statements, pension plan information and the like can all take time. If you begin to gather this information as soon as you know you may be heading towards a divorce, you’re sure to have the information available when you need it.

Difficulties can arise when one party tries to block the other from accessing financial records. They might try to hide assets in an attempt to keep them out of reach of the courts. This is contrary to New York law, and it can be very frustrating for spouses who want their fair share of the marital assets.

If this may be an issue in your case, it’s important to work with an experienced White Plains NY family law attorney. Your NY divorce lawyer can help you take steps to demand that the other spouse produce records and information about assets. It’s important not to make assumptions about your rights in a divorce. Even if an account is in the other spouse’s name alone, it may be a marital account that’s subject to distribution.

Having an experienced family law attorney in White Plains NY can help you get to the truth and prevent your spouse from playing games with marital assets that you need for your future. 

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Nicole Muscente work to help deserving clients identify potential issues and prevent problems before they have a chance to materialize. When you meet with the attorney at Muscente Law, they get to know you and your unique situation. Then you work together to make a plan to prepare for your divorce, so that it’s as smooth and successful as possible.