Dealing with Christmas Post-Divorce

May 15, 2024
christmas post divorce

The holidays can be especially difficult for divorced families as they try and navigate a new situation that is different from previous years. Children especially may struggle, as their holiday routine is changed. To help divorced families cope with Christmas and other holidays post-divorce, there are things you can do to make the transition easier.

Post-divorce Christmas tips
To help you deal with Christmas post-divorce, consider the following:

  • Try to maintain family traditions as much as possible
  • Spend time with extended family and other loved ones
  • If you have children, be sure to allow them to have holiday time with the other parent
  • Try to avoid conflict
  • Be sure to have clear custody holiday plans
  • Decorate and follow traditional holiday routines

While Christmas post-divorce may be difficult, following these suggestions will hopefully help minimize issues.

How can a lawyer help?
Disputes regarding child custody frequently arise at Christmas time. This may be a result of confusion about the custody order or a parent’s unwillingness to compromise on holiday schedules. White Plains NY divorce attorneys can help address holiday visitation issues.

A divorce attorney in White Plains New York can help you prepare or enforce a custody order that will minimize conflict and serve the children’s best interest. Experienced White Plains NY divorce attorneys will know how to best address different scenarios.

A divorce attorney in White Plains New York from the Law Offices of Nicole Muscente can provide you with legal advice to help you through post-divorce holiday questions. The team at the Law Offices of Nicole Muscente will strive to find effective and efficient ways to address your concerns. To schedule a consultation and receive legal advice, contact our office to see what we recommend for your situation.