Should You Mediate Your Divorce?

February 15, 2019

The divorce process is such a crucial process that you have to make sure that you are doing the right thing with it. The idea of whether you should mediate it may come to mind. Mediation is the process of allowing a third-party such as a White Plains NY family law attorney to work with you and your spouse to resolve the various issues that the two of you need to address. Hiring someone to mediate can benefit both of you finally, emotionally and time wise. You may want to consider mediating your divorce if:

The Divorce Is Exceptionally Stressful

If the process weighs on your emotions and physical strength, then it may be best to call in someone who can bear some of the weight of it for you. A mediator can take some of the pressure off both you and your spouse by coming up with suggestions and handling most of the legwork. With a mediator taking care of most of the business, you can focus on caring for your children, your job and other areas of your life. 

You and Your Spouse Have Poor Communication

You may have a situation in which you can hardly get along with your spouse. If you have trouble conversing with him or her without it turning into a huge disagreement or full-blown argument, a mediator definitely can keep the peace. This person can act as a referee so that the two of you can make important decisions. 

You Have Assets and Children Together

Assets and child custody and visitation laws are complex issues that are often best worked out with a strong legal presence involved in the process. The White Plains NY divorce lawyer can answer any question that you have about the issues and help you to resolve any conflicts that may be apparent. 

The Law Offices of Nicole Muscente can help you to bring closure to your marriage in a peaceful and just manner. The office provides mediation services as well as divorce representation, guidance, support, prenuptial help, post-divorce assistance and the like. Schedule a consultation by calling us today. An attorney will be delighted to help you through this difficult time.