How to Protect Your Children During a Divorce in NY

October 18, 2019
protecting your children during divorce

Getting a divorce is stressful no matter what the circumstances. However, when you have children, things can be even worse. While you and your spouse are trying to deal with matters that led to where you currently are, the kids can suffer through this traumatic time. However, there are ways you can protect them during a divorce.

One way to protect your children is to consider divorce mediation instead of a traditional divorce. During a traditional divorce, emotions are high, people are angry, and things can be said or done that can only hurt everyone involved. This includes your kids. However, mediation is a way to resolve all the issues between you and your spouse in a mature and level-headed manner. When you get along, you are protecting your children from all the nastiness and bitterness that typically occurs in a divorce.

Assert in your children that they have your unconditional love. Instill in them that you will always love them no matter what happens. Explain that in spite of you and their other parent splitting up, you will never leave them and never stop loving them. When kids know that their parents are going to be there for them even in the midst of a divorce, they will be better able to cope with the situation.

You should also absolutely avoid putting your children between you and your spouse. It’s unfair to make them choose between their parents. Doing so is a cruel form of manipulation that can only hurt your children in the long term. This can lead to your kids developing anxiety when they are put in such an awkward position. Remember, they want equal love from both of you and want to love you and your ex equally.

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