Common Causes of Short Sales

April 27, 2019
short sale

Reasons You May See A Short Sale

Someone going through a short sale of their home has run into some financial distress of some kind. We want to examine as Muscente Law does the common causes of a short sale. 

If you talk to attorney Nicole Muscente of that firm, she would tell you that short sales of properties are more common than you may think. She would point out that she helps clients set up their short sales as a real estate lawyer in Westchester NY all the time. 

A person may decide to do a short sale on their property because it will allow them to be able to get another mortgage from the major government lender known as Fannie Mae. This is something that appeals to a lot of people because they want to be able to get the home of their dreams as soon as possible after they get out of the situation they are in now. 

A Westchester real estate attorney like Nicole Muscente sees people come into her office when they are in some of the most desperate moments of their life. They detail the stories of financial woe that they have run into and why they have gotten behind on their payments. Rather than have the lender rip the home out from under them, they would rather go into the short sale process to keep their options open. 

It is always important to have a talented lawyer representing you when the matters are of this level of importance. You can’t just assume that you know what you are doing and that you can get through it. The odds are that you cannot and that things will go poorly if you attempt to do so. Short sales are important and serious, but they can also be the start of a new beginning for the person who is going through them right now.